Ski and snowboard rental in
Krasnaya Polyana
Free shipping on Krasnaya Polyana, to resorts Roza Hutor, Gorki Gorod and Gazprom
+7 (938) 445-65-44
1. Can I buy ski-passes from you. If so, which resorts?
Yes, of course. We provide ski equipment rental customers with the opportunity to purchase ski-pass at checkout. You don 't have to queue, and you 'll save. You will get ski-pass to «Roza Hutor» resort with 5% seat.
2. What are the free shipping terms?
If you book equipment for a period exceeding 2 days, rent more than 2 sets, or the amount of your order exceeds 2 thousand rubles, delivery is free of charge.
3. When do which routes start working? Is test skating provided?
«Roza Hutor» will open completely on December 21, «Gazprom» - 24, and «Gorki Gorod» («Krasnaya Polyana») - when it will cover the snow. But you can rent skis earlier: the season traditionally starts with test skiing.
4. Do you have discounts for customers?
Yes, you have the opportunity to save by renting skiing, snowboards in the village of «Krasnaya Polyana» for more than 4 days or order more than 2 sets.