The kit includes: board and boots.

Children ‘s protective helmet is free.

Nurseries snowboards

Sports equipment for children is selected with special care. From us you can rent nurseries mountain snowboards, which meet all safety requirements. Boards suitable for newcomers making first descents and shells for teenagers already with experience. Soft comfortable snowboards, which do not require special skills from the athlete, and more serious models, which are little different from those oriented to adults.

Adults snowboards

In the range convenient boards for men and women. Models suitable for a variety of conditions – from perfectly prepared track to broken slope with loose snow. Comfortable snowboards for adults, which have repeatedly proved that they are able to provide comfortable skating. You will be able to choose a shell that is ideal for you in terms of parameters, corresponding to your level of preparation and style of skating.


For clients with a high level of sports training we have professional boards, allowing to develop huge speed. Snowboard rental is available, suitable for experienced riders who prefer an aggressive skating style. For all route types.