Ski and snowboard rental in
Krasnaya Polyana
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Clothes and accessories

To ride comfortably, you not only need to rent skis or snowboards, but also take care of other things. Pick up comfortable clothes, protective equipment, and if you want to capture your rest, then also an action camera. We ‘ll help you with that. We have ski masks, protective shorts and helmets, GoPro and more.

There are always lower and upper clothes for skating. With our equipment you will feel comfortable in any weather conditions. Neither wind nor cold will interfere with a great time. Modern sports uniforms provide ease of movement and maximum convenience.

  • Suit set 600₽
  • Jackets 400₽
  • Protection knees 100₽
  • Trousers 300₽
  • Protective shorts 150₽
  • Alpine skiing mask 150₽
  • Snowboard separately 350₽
  • Skis separately 350₽
  • Sticks 100₽
  • Snowboard boots 250₽
  • Alpine skiing boots 250₽
  • Adult helmet 150₽
  • Snowboard set 500₽
  • Adult skiing kit 500₽
  • Children 's skiing kit 500₽